[IRPCoalition] New paper on NN and ZR out today: Where are the Users?

Jeanette Hofmann jeanette at wzb.eu
Wed Jul 29 18:24:01 EEST 2015

Hi John,

> I also took particular note of the definition used of net neutrality,
> characterizing content vis a vis service providers. Advocates using net
> neutrality as a reason to oppose zero point services must do so very
> cautiously. Most states already implement content control. The “free and
> open” Internet in most countries outside the walled garden of zero point
> services is simply another walled garden imposed by the state.

I find comparisons between walled gardens created for commercial reasons 
and statual bans of things such as the denial of the holocaust (an 
important restriction of freedom of expression in Germany and other 
European countries) very problematic. Should you have other legal 
restrictions of freedom of expression in mind, you should be more precise.


> users persuaded to oppose zero point services in the name a free and
> open Internet come to discover that their national Internet is in fact
> not free and open, some of them may feel like the victims of a bait and
> switch, advocacy groups may find these users more skeptical of their
> claims of and leadership.
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