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Dear all

Apologies for the cross-posting, and the sombre content. Some of you 
will already know that a year ago Heike Jensen passed away. Heike was a 
stalwart of Giganet, the Gender DC and other civil society work at the 
IGF, and the GigaNET community in the crucial early years. Her 
involvement and contribution goes back to the WSIS e.g. Heike 
contributed to the Joergensen edited volume (2006) on Human Rights in 
the Global Information Society, reporting for Freedom House and others 
and being part of IGF meetings through the Gender DC and Giganet symposia.

The last time Heike was at the IGF was Sharm el Sheikh I think, though 
she may also have been in Nairobi. In recent years she devoted herself 
to other work from her (new) homebase in Munich where she was very happy 
after adjusting from the move there from Berlin.

Heike was a wonderful person, a great researcher and advocate as her 
partner below reminds us. I, for one, have missed having her take part 
in recent years but I will miss her for the years to come at this 

Just thought some of you would like to know of her passing if you did 
not already.


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Subject: 	in memory of Heike Jensen
Date: 	Mon, 2 Feb 2015 21:33:17 +0100
From: 	Thomas Ochs <ThomasOchs at gmx.de>
To: 	Thomas Ochs <thomasochs at gmx.de>

In Memory of our Beloved


Dr.phil. Heike Jensen

On the first anniversary of her death on February 3, 2014

Heike was a dedicated feminist and from the bottom of her heart a 

Both her scholarship and her work for NGOs aimed at making the world a 
more just place for every human being.

The pain and grief caused by the loss of a beloved person is only 
bearable when we experience how much she meant to those whose lives she 
touched. Because the only thing that matters in life are the traces of 
love that a person leaves behind.

One year ago, after her brave fight against cancer, Heike passed away.

She contitnues to live in our hearts.

Thomas Ochs
Streitbergstr. 18
81249 München

Brunhilde Jensen
Angermünder Str. 55 A
12305 Berlin

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