[IRPCoalition] Canada's upcoming election - pledge to vote for the Internet we deserve

Laura Tribe laura at openmedia.org
Thu Aug 20 15:56:35 EEST 2015

Hi everyone,

OpenMedia has some exciting news this morning: We've just launched our
Election Vote Pledge at OurDigitalFuture.ca
<http://ourdigitalfuture.ca/>!  *(French
version here <http://ourdigitalfuture.ca/fr>)*

I recognize that many of you are outside of Canada, and can't vote
yourselves. But any help you can provide to share the campaign would be
much appreciated.

This election is going to be crucial for Canadians. It represents one of
the best chances we have to repeal our Secret Police Bill C-51, hold the
government accountable for its warrantless mass surveillance and
information sharing, and implement new positive changes to protect our
privacy and free expression online.

We'll be building much more
<https://openmedia.ca/blog/election-will-you-vote-our-digital-future> on
our election platform in the coming weeks, which will include more details
on our asks to repeal C-51 and protecting our privacy online.

*Today however, we're starting simple by asking Canadians to pledge to vote
for affordable access, free expression, and a surveillance-free Internet.*

We really want to get as many people as possible behind this pledge -- if
enough people pledge to vote, the numbers drawing attention to this issue
will help us to really get the parties to take notice and bring privacy
issues to the forefront of this campaign.

*If you are able, we would really appreciate it if you could help us spread
the word.*

   - Click here to share on Facebook
     *(French share here
   - Click here to share on Twitter <http://bit.ly/1fcgmRv> *(French
   share here <http://bit.ly/1Ji9MqH>)*
   - URL to share: OurDigitalFuture.ca <http://ourdigitalfuture.ca/>
*(French, OurDigitalFuture.ca/Fr

And of course, don't hesitate to send me any feedback or questions you may

Thanks so much,

*Laura Tribe*
Digital Rights Specialist, OpenMedia
laura at openmedia.org <laura at openmedia.org>
PGP key <https://pgp.mit.edu/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0xD468627584751BAF>
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