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Marianne Franklin m.i.franklin at gold.ac.uk
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Dear all

Just to follow up on Robert's last email with the refreshed link to the 
IRPC Charter page on the IGF DC Outputs Review Platform 

The page has been edited in such a way to allow two levels of input:

1) On the Five +1 Year Review of the work to date including links galore.
2) The IRPC Charter itself (text-only) and per Article.

As about 2/3 of this list are rather familiar with the Charter text, 
indeed have shared in its original drafting and later revisions it would 
be great to hear views on the work so far, and any additional impacts 
and projects related.

The other third are relatively new to the work so we really welcome your 
comments, ideas, suggestions, and information about projects based on 
the work too. You don't need to be a human rights expert, a lawyer or a 
technical whizz to comment here. We welcome all input.

Hopefully the current format and Comment Boxes are not too daunting.

Thanks to the team at the IGF Secretariat for their support and work to 
get this platform up and running. Looking forward to the DC Main 
Session, the IRPC Workshop on The Right to Be Forgotten Rulings which is 
paired with a workshop looking at case studies of these rulings in 
action around the world.

Meanwhile, you can access the page at 

or short link; http://review.intgovforum.org/?p=425

Please circulate to anyone you think would like to make a contribution.

Happy Holidays for those of you, like me, about to take them.

warm wishes

On 12/08/2015 18:53, Robert Bodle wrote:
> Dear IRPrs,
> We wanted to share some highlights and updates of recent IRPC activity:
>   * A short time ago the IRPC gained official Observer status on the
>     Council of Europe’s Steering Committee on Media Information and
>     Society (CDMSI), and one of the first duties was submitting a
>     response to Recommendation 2077 (2015): Increasing co-operation
>     against cyberterrorism and other largescale attacks on the
>     Internet.  Please see the attached PDF for the full response.
>   * A Portuguese translation of the IRPC Charter is underway and will
>     be completed in time for formatting and printing for the tenth
>     annual IGF meeting in João Pessoa, Brazil, on 10 to 13 November
>     2015. 10 IRP Rights and Principles are already available in
>     Portuguese on the IRPC website:
>     http://internetrightsandprinciples.org/site/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/pdf/portuguese.pdf The
>     IRPC will be pursuing funds for layout and printing of the
>     Portuguese, and printing of the Spanish, and English editions of
>     the Charter Booklet for IGF.  The aim is to launch the Portuguese
>     edition at the 2015 IGF.
>   * The IRPC Steering Committee’s submission to the WSIS+10 Non Paper
>     will be released at the end of this month and will eventually
>     develop into the final outcome document to be adopted by the
>     United Nations General Assembly this December:
>     http://workspace.unpan.org/sites/Internet/Documents/UNPAN95034.pdf (All
>     contributions by relevant stakeholders can by found here:
>     http://unpan3.un.org/wsis10/nonpapersubmissions )
>   * Read the new blog post “Forza Internet Rights: IRPC Charter as
>     Source of Inspiration for Innovative Italian Declaration of
>     Internet Rights” written by IRPC Steering Committee Member Dr.
>     Matthias C. Kettemann here:
>     http://internetrightsandprinciples.org/site/forza-internet-rights-iprc-charter-as-source-of-inspiration-for-innovative-italian-declaration-of-internet-rights/
>     "Not only was the IRPC Charter a source of inspiration for the
>     Italian Declaration, but both documents share similar approaches
>     to human rights and their role in furthering a people-centred and
>     sustainable information society. Charter and Declaration also
>     transcend the artificial separation of social and economic and
>     civil and political rights."
>   * */**Charter consultation launch** /*Lastly, the IRP Coalition has
>     submitted the IRPC Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the
>     Internet for endorsement and feedback as part of the Dynamic
>     Coalition Main Session scheduled for the 2015 IGF meeting in
>     Brazil. “The IRPC Charter has been acknowledged as an
>     authoritative framework for implementing human rights for the
>     online environment, and as an integral part of internet governance
>     processes since it was launched in 2011.” /*This is an important
>     milestone in the public timeline of the Charter work and a
>     terrific time to show support for the Charter and other Dynamic
>     Coalitions by commenting on submissions on the IGF website:*/
>     http://review.intgovforum.org/?p=425
> Best,
> Robert Bodle and Catherine Easton
> Co-Chairs, Internet Rights & Principles Coalition
> www.internetrightsandprinciples.org 
> <http://www.internetrightsandprinciples.org/>
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