[IRPCoalition] DAY 0 at IGF2014 - Human Rights Denied-Turkish Customs blocking

Benedek, Wolfgang (wolfgang.benedek@uni-graz.at) wolfgang.benedek at uni-graz.at
Mon Sep 1 14:52:49 EEST 2014

Dear Marianne,

this is rather ridiculous. Should our hosts not facilitate this as part of
their responsabilities?

Kind regards

Wolfgang Benedek

Am 01.09.14 14:26 schrieb "Marianne Franklin" unter
<m.i.franklin at gold.ac.uk>:

>Dear all
>A problem has arisen for at least three organizations with printed
>matter for the IGF. All three shipments are blocked by customs awaiting
>either paperwork, or a large amount of money (2000 TL for the IRPC
>shipment). This situation involves three courier services; UPC, TNT, and
>FedEx. We are all getting different information about how much, and how
>long things will take.
>For the IRPC booklets, the printed booklets, the cost to clear today has
>been quoted as 2000 TL.
>We are launching the Turkish edition tomorrow in WS83 in any case as the
>Booklet project includes the digital as well as the printed formats. But
>we have the Arabic and English, as well as the Turkish printed editions
>ready for circulation here so the priority is to clear it.
>Any ideas about how we raise 2000 TL (about 600 GBP or 925 USD).
>Meanwhile, people here in Istanbul have been working hard on our behalf
>but the feeling here is that without paying, the shipment will not be
>released at all, if in time this week.
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