[IRPCoalition] Fwd: Arjun Appadurai @Goldsmiths - Guest at launch of Digital Dilemmas

Robert Bodle irpbodle at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 16:39:58 EET 2014

Dear all,

Arjun Appadurai will be joining Marianne Franklin along with David Morley
and Noortje Marres on 26th March for a
discussion<http://www.gold.ac.uk/calendar/?id=7442>and to celebrate
the UK launch of Marianne's new book *Digital
Dilemmas: Power, Resistance and the
2013); starting at 6pm in the Media & Communications Dept, Goldsmiths,
New Academic Building, LG01 http://www.gold.ac.uk/calendar/?id=7442

[A flyer and poster attached]

**Digital Dilemmas *looks at the dynamics of power and resistance
surrounding the internet. It focuses on how publics, nation-states, and
multilateral institutions are being continually reinvented in local and
global decision-making domains that are accessed and controlled by a
relative few. Importantly it unpacks the ways in which computer-mediated
power relations play out as "on the ground" and "cyberspatial" practices
and discourses that collude and collide with one another at the personal,
community, and transnational level. Case studies include homelessness and
the internet, rights-based advocacy for the online environment at the
United Nations, and how the ongoing battle between proprietary and open
source software designs affects ordinary people and policy-making. The
result is an innovative and groundbreaking critique of the way new
paradigms of power and resistance forged online reshape traditional power
hierarchies offline, at home and abroad.

Kind regards
Robert Bodle, co-Chair of the IRP Coalition
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