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Dear All,

the tweets related to our Panel 5 which ended now.

later on there will be the transcript and the whole session video
available here, Panel 5

Marianne as always was doing a great, a phantastic job!


On 13/06/2014, Marianne Franklin <m.i.franklin at gold.ac.uk> wrote:
> Dear all
> Following up from Vik's post about the No Hate Campaign which is running
> a workshop here, right now, at the EuroDIG, some photos
> https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.261846714002906.1073741840.118817804972465&type=1
> A really productive and nuanced discussion has been taking place here
> linking the legal, policy-making priorities, and real-life experience;
> how examples help us anchor those sections of the IRCPC Charter that
> explicitly mention Hate Speech (under FoE and Rights of Young People
> clauses). Thanks VIk and team!
> Other updates on sessions:
> - Plenary 5: Security, Internet Principles and Human Rights
> <http://www.eurodig.org/wiki/State_Security,_Internet_Principles,_and_Human_Rights>
> kicks off at 2.30pm CET
> - The workshop on Accessbility has reported back; pasted in below
> The minutes of the session is on thewiki
> <http://www.eurodig.org/wiki/Accessibility_and_social_inclusion>. Please
> make yours corrections and input.
> Consider these bullets of our session:
> - In the session we talked about an ecosystem that could potentiate the
> inclusion of vulnerable groups like disabilities, migrants, elderly people,
> people with low incomes, unemployed, etc. An ecosystem of basic
> infrastructure to Internet access, technology (devices), assistive
> technology, accessibility of digital information, capacity building.
> - Libraries are an important place of public, universal and democratic
> access to ICTs. Financing infrastructure for Internet access, the provision
> of equipment and increased digital skills of existing teams at libraries is
> a critical factor. The libraries also provide materials including books. The
> investment in digital content and digitize its analog collections helps
> tackle the "books famine", a frequent complaint of international
> organizations representing people with disabilities for whom digital isn't
> one more access channel to a book but the only one that responds to their
> reading skills.
> - Having standards for the development of ICT products and services is
> important. But it is also important to have legal mechanisms that put them
> into practice. The European Accessibility Requirements for Public
> Procurement of Products and Services in the ICT Domain (EN301549) is one of
> these cases. It needs legal cover.
> - In the case of web accessibility practice of the last fifteen years giving
> proof of evidence that there is no correlation between good practices and
> legal obligation. There are countries that demonstrate that the assumption
> of accessibility as a factor of social responsibility by the organizations
> has produced best practice, more consistent and perennial. A higher ranking
> on search engines of accessible websites is a better argument for increasing
> accessibility than just appealing to the normative dimension. Certification
> of content producers is a way forward.
> - We could have technology, accessible contents but we need to increase the
> digital literacy levels of people. People with disabilities, immigrants,
> elderly people are some of the target groups mentioned in our debate.
> --Jorge Fernandes
> - And one highlight so far on Twitter is the "Bullshit Bingo" monitoring
> card from those we usually refer to as the audience; also available as
> hard-copy :)
> https://twitter.com/juli_wie_august/status/477357717359579136/photo/1
> best
> MF
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