[IRPCoalition] Updates: IGF 2013 and IGF 2014 Istanbul

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Fri Jan 17 14:39:43 EET 2014

Dear all,

Just to flag that initial preparations for the IGF meeting in Istanbul 
are already underway. The following four items are things we all need to 
keep track of

1)  The Ninth Annual IGF Meeting is proposed to be held in Istanbul, 
Turkey on 2-5 September 2014.

2) The first round of Open Consultations and MAG meetings will be held 
on 19-20 February 2014 in Room XIX at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, 

3) Preparing the 2014 IGF

Request for public input: All stakeholders are encouraged to submit 
suggestions or ideas for issues to be discussed at the 2014 IGF to the 
following email address:  IGF2014si at intgovforum.org. We kindly request 
that proposals are kept short and succinct. These proposals will be put 
into a synthesis paper that will act as an input into the discussions. 
The deadline for submission is 10 February 2014.

If there are people with ideas that the IRP Coalition can contribute in 
this first stage, please let us know. The IRP SC will also discuss some 
options and let the list know in due course. The deadline is quite soon 
though and the initial ideas need only be brief.

4) An update on stocktaking for the 2013 meeting in Bali including the 
minutes of the MAG meeting in December are also available on the IGF 

These minute provide some insight into how the MAG sees the work this 
year particularly in the context of the Brazil meeting, and the WSIS +10 

best wishes
MF/RB and the whole SC

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