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Dear all

See below for a direct response from Hartmut Glaser to the joint letter 
sent to the Local Organizing Committee of the upcoming Brazil Meeting 
(http://internetrightsandprinciples.org/site/category/news/). This 
response may clarify thins as it is no easy matter keeping track of all 
the acronyms, Whilst the four representatives we jointly support in this 
letter work hard to maintain an open participation in the planning, this 
information also pertains to the mail that Norbert Bollow has sent 
around, which also concerns issues around inclusive representation at, 
and engagement with the meeting.

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Best Bits Interim Steering Committee
IRP Coalition
Coordinators of the Internet Governance Caucus
Association for Progressive Communications – APC

Dear Friends,


Now that we published the PRESS RELEASE with all details related to the 
appointment of the different representatives to
the */Global Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet 
Governance, /*we like to mention that the LOG (with G)
*- Logistics and Organizational Group, *composed ONLY of CGI.br Members 
(and NOT identical with LOC (with C) - *Logistics and
Organizational Committee*), _was the ONLY group working _beforehand to 
discuss internally the mission that we have received
from our President Dilma Rousseff and try to propose a working process 
for a successful event in April2014.

To avoid unbalanced participation, NO representatives or liaisons of any 
community were part at the LOG (with G) meetings,
reason that we don't send invitation for civil society groups.

As announced, until January the 27th, all names of the Committee Members 
must be public and then really  the hard work
for all of us together will start.

We expect to have the full support of all communities in all steps 
related to the preparation of this very important meeting
to foster the involvement of the global internet community.

best regards

Hartmut Glaser
Secretariat of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee – CGI.br

  Joint civil society letter on appointment of representatives to Global

  Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance

November 25, 2013

Mr. Paulo Bernardo Silva, Minister of Communications – Minicom;
Mr. Virgilio Almeida, Secretary for Information Technology Policy at the 
Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation – MCTI;
Mr. Valdir Simão, Special Assessor for the Presidency;
Emb. Benedicto Fonseca, Director of the Department of Scientific and 
Technological Affairs of the Minister of External Relations – MRE;
Mr. Harmut Glaser, Secretariat of the Brazilian Internet Steering 
Committee – CGI.br

We, as representatives of four networks that include civil society 
organizations and individuals involved in Internet governance, are writing
with reference to preparations for the Global Multistakeholder Meeting 
on the Future of Internet Governance that is planned to be held in
São Paulo, Brazil by April 2014.

During the eighth Internet Governance Forum in Bali this year, many of 
us met in person, and some others participated remotely and agreed
that the following persons would be delegated to serve as interim 
Liaisons from across these networks for purposes of planning the Global

* Ms Joana Varon Ferraz, Center for Technology and Society (CTS/FGV)
* Ms Carolina Rossini, New American Foundation
* Mr Carlos A. Afonso, Nupef Institute
* Ms Laura Tresca, Article XIX Brasil

This letter is to express our continuing support for this arrangement as 
planning for the meeting takes shape. The above interim Liaisons shall
remain at disposal of the Brazilian authorities in all matters 
  pertaining to the organization of the Global Meeting, and we urge that 
our Liaisons
should in the context of these preparations be invited to all meetings 
with all other constituencies as full participants in this process. We 
their work and look forward to hearing of progress in their reports back 
to our networks that are made up of a broad constituency of civil society
groups and individuals. They have our trust and support.

If you have any inquiries about the above matter, please do not hesitate 
to contact us at any time, either directly or through the above Liaisons.

Yours sincerely,
Best Bits Interim Steering Committee (steering at lists.bestbits.net)
IRP Coalition (info at irpcharter.org)
Salanieta Tamanikaiwaimaro and Norbert Bollow, coordinators of the 
Internet Governance Caucus (coordinators at igcaucus.org)
Association for Progressive Communications – APC (anriette at apc.org)

November, 25th, 2013


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