[IRPCoalition] [governance] Meeting in São Paulo on Friday, January 10th, is between the LOG and 1Net

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Tue Jan 7 20:23:09 EET 2014

Dear Hartmut,

I do share the concern of Parminder on this information.

Could it be possible to know:
- the name of the representatives of 1net in that Jan 10 meeting?
- How were they designated as representatives?
- In what capacity do they intervene, and with which mandate, given by who?

We all know that IG is related to Democracy, ethics, and rebalancing the US asymmetric role within the current IG state - all of that following President Rousseff declaration at the UN, and being the official topic of the upcoming conference in Brazil. Therefore it seems to be of primary importance to understand if things happen according to any specific rule, order, governance, coordination. It would be nice not to avoid any manipulation in that process.
- Who is right now at the wheel of the ghosty 1net - the ICANN and the other I-stars? Correct?
- Why is it that Brazil or the local organizing group play with 1net when 1net is still a very undefined 'thing'? And as 1net is a non relevant 'thing', one wonders how Brazil will be able to claim any 'honesty', 'legitimacy', bending of such an undefined object. Specially is other governments are to be invited (still waiting for the list to be announced). All of that is really surprising.

Would it be that another masquerade will take place in Brazil, keeping the statusquo quo? Many are ready to blame the UN system and governmental organizations for their so called behind-closed-doors meetings, but is this the way things will happen in Brazil in a conference organized by ICANN (ant the other I*) and Brazil.

Thanks for explaining us what's going on, if you have the ability to tell us. 



Jean-Christophe Nothias 
Editor in Chief
jc.nothias at theglobaljournal.net


Le 7 janv. 2014 à 17:11, Hartmut Richard Glaser a écrit :

> Dear All,
> There will be a face-to-face meeting in Brazil on Friday, January 10th, between the 
> local organizing group (LOG) and representatives of 1Net to sort out relevant details 
> related to the Brazil Meeting process, in particular the organization of the meeting's 
> committees.
> This is not a meeting of any of the committees planned for the event's process, since 
> they are not yet constituted. We hope that by January 15th the nominations from all 
> stakeholders will be in place for all committees to start their work.
> Thanks for your support.
> Local Organizing Group/CGI.br
> BR Meeting - Global Multistakeholder Meeting 
> on the Future of Internet Governance
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