[IRPCoalition] [discuss] Meeting in São Paulo on Friday, January 10th, is between the LOG and 1Net

parminder parminder at itforchange.net
Tue Jan 7 18:47:56 EET 2014

Dear Hartmut,

Thanks for the clarification.

I request a further clarification. What is this 1Net that you are having 
this privileged discussion about organising the Brazil meeting with? I 
am on the 1Net's own list where I am told that 1Net is yet nothing other 
than what the yet to be constituted steering committee of the 1Net will 
decide it to be.

However, LOG seems to have a very clear and strong  view of the 1Net, to 
plan an exclusive discussion with it, quoting your email below "  to 
sort out relevant details related to the Brazil Meeting process, in 
particular the organization of the meeting's committees". (At least tell 
us, who is that you discuss things with when you say you discuss 
something with 1Net?)

I understand that the enclosed letter signed by key civil society 
organisations was handed over to LOG long back, where civil society 
groups say very clearly that they will like to directly deal with LOG 
(and, although the letter was polite enough not to use the name, the 
contextual meaning clearly was, "not be dealt with through the 1Net"). 
It also put forward its interim Liaisons, with a specific request that 
they be invited to every meeting in relation to organising the Brazil 

In the circumstances, I request clarification why this request of major 
civil society networks was entirely ignored, and the yet (supposedly) 
unclear and undefined 1Net is being given this extremely privileged 
position. We have no problem with whoever else LOG deals with, but if 
civil society groups asked to be dealt with directly, and in a certain 
well-described way, it would have been best if that request was acceded 
to. The least that is required is to be informed why is it not being 
acceded to.

Thanks, and wishing you the best in the very important and intense work 
that you and LOG are involved with.


On Tuesday 07 January 2014 09:41 PM, Hartmut Richard Glaser wrote:
> Dear All,
> There will be a face-to-face meeting in Brazil on Friday, January 10th, between the
> local organizing group (LOG) and representatives of 1Net to sort out relevant details
> related to the Brazil Meeting process, in particular the organization of the meeting's
> committees.
> _This is not a meeting of any of the committees planned for the event's__  __process,_  since
> they are not yet constituted. We hope that by January 15th the nominations from all
> stakeholders will be in place for all committees to start their work.
> Thanks for your support.
> Local Organizing Group/CGI.br
> BR Meeting - Global Multistakeholder Meeting
> on the Future of Internet Governance
> _______________________________________________
> discuss mailing list
> discuss at 1net.org
> http://1net.org/mailman/listinfo/discuss

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