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Dear all,

Marilia's reminder about registering for the Net Mundial Meeting in 
Brazil this April is a good moment for an update for activities and 
deadlines in what is a particularly busy year. The list below is in 
reverse order of the calendar:

1) IGF Istanbul 2014: This is 2-4 September. The MAG has started the 
preparations with stocktaking from the Bali IGF 2013, and program 
themes. The Synthesis Report at 
is worth reading; a good summary and signposting for Istanbul. In Geneva 
last week, the MAG nominated the following themes for this year's IGF: 
1.      Local policies enabling Internet Access; 2. Content Creation, 
Dissemination and Use; 3.      Internet as an engine for growth and 
development; 4.      IGF and the Future of Internet ecosystem; 5.      
Enhancing Digital Trust; 6. Internet and Human Rights; 7.      Critical 
Internet Resources; 8.      Emerging Issues

2) EuroDIG 2014: The first planning meeting on 30th Jan in Berlin 
decided on this year's theme: Digital society at stake -- Europe and the 
future of the Internet (http://www.eurodig.org/). The first draft 
program is due shortly at which point it will be clearer where and how 
the IRPC can contribute.

3) Net Mundial Meeting in Brazil, 23-24 April: Today is the deadline for 
pre-registrations for the Global Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future 
of Internet Governance (Net Mundial) i.e. 28/02. Please register if you 
plan to attend: http://content.netmundial.br/interests/expression. 
Acceptance of registrations will be made public by 15/03.

The deadline for presenting written contributions is 08/03. We will be 
making a submission on behalf of the IRPC Charter and that text should 
be ready for viewing and comment on Monday. This is indeed quite close 
to the 8th March deadline but it is an umbrella text accompanying the 
submission of the full Charter to this meeting. The aim being to address 
governmental and the business sector delegates as the meeting considers 
a set of IG Principles. As the IRPC Ten Principles are derived from the 
Charter, rather than the other way around, the rationale for making an 
independent submission is to emphasise the substantive content and range 
of rights and/as principles contained in the Charter; a number of which 
are in danger of being overlooked with the current focus on privacy and 
surveillance issues. Submitting the full Charter to the IG Principles 
stream provides access to one of the most comprehensive frameworks for 
unpacking more specifically how, and which human rights are integral to 
any set of IG principles .

In terms of civil society work on Net Mundial submissions, there is 
important work being done within the Best Bits network; here the IRPC 
Charter is part of a CS effort to promote human-centered formulations of 
IG Principles, including those based on good process and those with more 
substantive content. The IRPC submission takes into account this work 
from our CS colleagues. These contributions will be opening for signing 
on very soon on the Best Bits website.

Also, there are several pre-meetings before the main event in Sao Paulo; 
More on these in due course.

4) Other news:
a) The Charter in Arabic and its role in the Hivos IG-Mena Click Rights 
Campaign has been underway for just under a month. We are looking 
forward to hearing back on the outcome of this important work in raising 
awareness in the MENA region through having the Charter and 10 
Principles in Arabic: http://hivos.org/news/click-rights-and-get-it-right
b) The Charter has also been featured in a major report on human rights 
and the internet to the Chilean Institute of Human Rights; An outline 
and access to the report (in Spanish) is at 

5) Updates on the IRPC Charter Booklet - Outreach (1). We are very 
pleased to announce that the Charter is now in an authoritative Spanish 
translation; a text-only version of the Charter. A Spanish translation 
of the full Charter Booklet is on its way but as we can see the lion's 
share of the translation work has been done thanks to Eduardo Bertoni 
and colleagues at CELE, University of Palermo. The direct link is 
We now have the Charter in 3 world languages, with more being work on 
for release this year. Thank you to all. If anyone would like to help 
complete translating the Charter Booklet in Spanish so it can be 
formatted and readied for printing when needed, please let us know.

All three versions are available also at 
www.internetightsandprincples.org. Guidelines for translators and the 
Text-only file for the Booklet is also online under the tab "IRP Charter"

6) Outreach (2) - Endorsements: The most recent updates is to let you 
all know that we now have endorsements of the Charter well underway. 
This is the next phase of the "Charter 2.0" project, recognition, 
support and endorsement. Incoming endorsements are being added as they 
arrive. Our thanks to all.

The IRP SC met last week and we will be in touch in the next days with 
more updates and requests for input. Feel free to respond if you have 
ideas for these upcoming meetings as preparations are underway.

That is all for now.
MF/RB and the whole SC

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