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Hi all - apologies for any cross postings. This a short note to let you
know the next WGEC meeting starts next week in Geneva and runs Feb 24-28
(5 days, inclusive). For background information about the working group
see: http://unctad.org/en/Pages/CSTD/WGEC.aspx  Information about the
next meeting is available:
This is the last meeting of the working group which must reach agreement
on recommendations "on how to fully implement [the WSIS] mandate". The
working group report will be an input to the overall review of the
outcomes of the World Summit on the Information Society in 2014.
Since the last meeting (last November) a subgroup has been working,
under terms of reference from the WGEC, on further research and
analysis. While the report of that sub-group is not yet available on the
CSTD website (it will be shortly) I am forwarding it for you (see the
message below).
Remote participation to the meeting will be available through WebEx. I
am trying to get more information about this but details are not yet
available on the CSTD website. In the meantime, those wanting to
register for this must email wgec at unctad.org

Kind regards

Joy Liddicoat

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Subject: 	Final Report of CSTD WG on EC CG
Date: 	Fri, 14 Feb 2014 21:43:44 +0000
From: 	Private Sector Phil Rushton <philip.m.rushton at BT.COM>
Reply-To: 	UN CSTD Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation

Attached is the compiled responses for consideration by the CSTD WG on
EC. My apologies for not submitting earlier.
This report has been jointly developed by the Co-convenors (Phil Rushton
and Joy Liddicoat).  As well as forwarding to you the compiled responses
this email reports back on

 1. the process used within the Correspondence Group,
 2. issues arising from the process and
 3. observations from the submissions.

In accordance with its Terms of Reference we can report:

  * 19 people volunteered to join the correspondence group mailing list.
    All members of the WGEC were also on the mailing list.
  * The correspondence group provided three update reports to the WGEC
    Chair 30^th November 2013, 11^th   December and 10^th February 2014. 

*Process Used*
The Correspondence Group:
(a)      used a synthesis of 24 broad areas relating to international
public policy issues pertaining to the Internet that was agreed by the
WGEC members and was derived from the 200 issues that were identified in
the spreadsheet developed in the second meeting of the WGEC.  This was
circulated on January 8th 2014, seeking input by 31^st January 2014.
(b)      had no stipulation made on the structure submissions other than
that they should be against the 24 broad issues agreed by the WGEC.  A
spreadsheet developed by one respondent, utilising the submission made
to the WGEC, was well received and subsequently used by many others in
their submissions.
(c)      The spread sheet was taken as the basis for developing the
compilation of responses across the following areas:
(i) where there are existing international mechanisms addressing the
issues in the list;
(ii) identifying the status of mechanisms, if any, and whether they are
addressing the issues; and
(iii) identifying the gaps in order to ascertain what type of
recommendations may be required to be drafted by the WGEC.
(d)  The above deadline of January 31^st for submissions was extended to
7 February at the request of various correspondence group members and by
agreement of the WGEC Chair. A compilation document was shared with the
Correspondence group on 12 February and a final document for
consideration by the WGEC was sent on 14th February 2014.
(e) 19 inputs were received: 4 from government; 6 from technical and
academic community; 5 from civil society (including one joint input from
3 groups); 3 from private sector,  and 1 from an intergovernmental
organisation.  There was one contribution that was blank.
*Issues Arising*

  * Establishing the correspondence email group encountered some
    technical issues and took time to be established.
  * 2 issues were raised within the CG after the agreement of the WGEC
    to the broad areas

  * 3 supporters proposed that "Enabling governments, on an equal
    footing, to participate in the Internet governance process" be a
    broad area in its own right. This issue exists (issue 106) under
    Stakeholders and Governance broad issue.
  * One of 3 supporters raised financial issues including tax as a
    potential broad issue. The issue exists (issue 33)under Applicable
    Jurisdiction, cross border co-ordination.

  * Non receipt of emails (19^th December referral to WGEC members was
    not apparently received by all) raised issues regarding acceptance
    of WGEC decision to the 24 broad areas, specifically with regard to
    the issue 106 above.
  * There was a conscious decision not to specify a formal input
    structure, and whilst it allowed for free format of input, it made
    final compilation difficult.
  * The time available for responding was limited given earlier issues
    in establishing the email list.
  * It would have been easier had interested parties wishing to be part
    of the CG contacted the secretariat directly.

Observations of Inputs

  * The submissions indicate that there are diverse mechanisms carrying
    out work on many of the public policy issues identified. There
    appear to be some areas of overlap and concerns about lack of
    progress in some areas.
  * There is no clear consensus identifying particular gaps and
    therefore no consensus on any recommendations that may be required
    to be drafted by the WGEC. All recommendations are therefore
    included in the summary document.
  * The quality of submissions was good, and a particularly substantive
    submission was received from Kyoto University. We think this
    submission may merit a separate discussion with the WGEC.
  * Analysis of inputs suggest that more research may be required in
    some areas in order for firm conclusions to be drawn

The TOR for the CGWGEC provide:
"Any issue that cannot reach consensus in the Correspondence Group will
be referred to the Working Group, with the options that represent the
range of opinions expressed in the Correspondence Group. The final
decision on such issues will be made by the WGEC." 

The compilation of the inputs were circulated, minor amendments were
proposed and, where appropriate, included. No substantive disagreement
was recorded. We therefore submit all the compiled inputs to the WGEC
for consideration in the attached spreadsheet.

We would like to express our appreciation for the assistance of Sam
Dickson and Lea Kaspar in the collation of the issues for the WGEC and
our work.
Phil Rushton and Joy Liddicoat
*Phil Rushton*
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