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Dear all

Good morning to all those of you in Sao Paulo. As the Net Mundial opens 
its second day, there is an exciting development for the IRPC Charter 
work taking off here in New Zealand; the launching of the NZ Green 
Party's Internet Rights and Freedoms Bill which is based on the IRPC 

The IRP SC readied a press release for this launch and can now send it 
to you all. We hope that all the list can show your support for this 
pioneering initiative from NZ; the first political party to make 
explicit use of the Charter for rights-based legislation.

Gareth Hughes, the MP who has developed this bill explains it in less 
than 2 minutes here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzr9NbDvSQI

The website is: http://internetrightsbill.org.nz

The IRP SC press release is below fyi.

Please circulate, and participate on the consultations. The IRPC website 
will provide access and updates as well shortly.

MF/RB and the whole SC

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Subject: 	Media release by Internet Rights & Principles Coalition on the 
launch of the NZ Green Party’s Internet Rights and Freedom Bill
Date: 	Wed, 23 Apr 2014 00:09:03 +0000
From: 	Holly Donald <holly.donald at parliament.govt.nz>
To: 	Holly Donald <holly.donald at parliament.govt.nz>

Media release sent on behalf of the Steering Committee of the Internet 
Rights & Principles Coalition 
<http://www.internetrightsandprinciples.org>, UN Internet Governance Forum

23 April 2014

*Media release by Internet Rights & Principles Coalition on the launch 
of the NZ Green Party’s Internet Rights and Freedom Bill*

The Internet Rights and Principles Coalition 
<http://www.internetrightsandprinciples.org> (IRP Coalition) of the 
UN Internet Governance Forum <http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/> applaud 
the release of the NZ Green Party’s Internet Rights and Freedoms Bill 
for public consultation. The IRF Bill is a pioneering project for the 
internet in New Zealand to ensure that the protection and enjoyment of 
human rights and fundamental freedoms online are tangible and 
enforceable by law.

At this time the world has witnessed how human rights can be undermined 
in the online environment as well as on the ground. Recent events, 
the Snowden revelations in particular, underscore the need to embed laws 
and remedies in rights-based principles for internet policy making at 
the national and international level. The NZ Green Party 
<http://internetrightsbill.org.nz/> has shown courage and foresight in 
putting the Internet Rights and Freedoms Bill forward at this time, 
showing leadership and cross-party commitment in their undertaking to 
make the legally authoritative Bill available for public consultation.

This follows in the footsteps of the spirit of multi-stakeholder 
participation that the UN Internet Governance Forum has forged. It is 
also inspiring for the IRP Coalition, and all those involved in 
the Charter of Human Rights and Principles process (IRPC Charter) 
<http://internetrightsandprinciples.org/site/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/IRP_booklet_2nd-Edition14Nov2013.pdf> since 
its inception in 2008, to see New Zealand be the first country to pick 
up the mantle from Brazil’s pioneering Marco Civil 
to bring human rights and principles for the internet into the heart of 
democratic political processes.

The launch of the IRF Bill for the New Zealand context also 
underscores ongoing efforts by the international community to frame the 
future of the internet within international human rights law and norms. 
Wth this Bill the NZ Greens are taking up this challenge to put 
rights-based principles for the internet, now on the agenda of the 2014 
Internet Governance Forum 
<http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/igf-2014-istanbul> and the Net Mundial 
Meeting in Brazil <http://netmundial.br> which is drawing to a 
conclusion today, into practice.

We are particularly impressed with some of the innovative elements of 
the Bill; e.g. proposals for an Internet Rights Commissioner and 
Chief Technology Officer who can ensure that the rights and 
responsibilities outlined in this Bill also include remedies, the 
emphasis on environmentally sustainable internet development, the 
accessibility for all provisions, and the recognition of public service 
commitments to an affordable, equitable, and multiculturally accessible 
internet future for all New Zealanders.

We would like to note our appreciation for the recognition that the NZ 
Green Party has given to the IRPC Charter of Human Rights and Principles 
for the Internet in its role as the formative framework for the IRF 
Bill. This launch today sees the NZ Green Party join forces with other 
intergovernmental and civil society organizations who have been engaging 
the IRPC Charter over the last few years; e.g. the Council of Europe 
<http://hub.coe.int>’s /Guide to Human Rights for Internet Users 
<http://hub.coe.int/press/newsroom?p_p_id=pressrelease&p_p_lifecycle=0&p_p_state=maximized&p_p_mode=view&_pressrelease_struts_action=%2Fext%2Fpressrelease%2Fview&_pressrelease_pressreleaseUrl=https%253A%252F%252Fwcd.coe.int%252FViewDoc.jsp%253Fid%253D2184807%2526Site%253DCM%2526BackColorInternet%253DC3C3C3%2526BackColorIntranet%253DEDB021%2526BackColorLogged%253DF5D383>/ and 
Hivos International’s <http://www.hivos.org> /Click Rights/ 
<http://igmena.org/click-rights> education and awareness-raising 
campaign in the Middle East and North African region.

We also acknowledge the invaluable role that Frank La Rue, the UN 
Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression 
and the UN Human Rights Council 
have played in this shift from aspiration to human rights-based 
legislation by recognizing that power holders in the online environment 
also have legal obligations to “exercise their power responsibly, 
refrain from violating human rights respect, protect, and fulfill them 
to the fullest extent possible” (IRPC Charter, Clause 20; IRPC Charter 
Booklet, 2013, page 26 

As this Bill begins its journey from draft legislation and into the 
NZ lawbooks after a full and inclusive period of public consultation the 
IRP Coalition is committed to supporting this initiative by providing 
advice and support, as well as feedback on the text during this 
period of public consultation. The IRP Coalition Steering Committee 
looks forward to releasing the IRF Bill to the wider coalition at this 
launch so that the IRPC can provide a range of feedback into the process.

To view or participate in the public consultation on the Bill, go to 
*www.internetrightsbill.org.nz <http://internetrightsbill.org.nz>*

/For more information: /

Gareth Hughes, Green MP - 0274 229 290


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