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Nnenna is going to be great. I’m glad she’s keynoting.


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Subject: Re: [governance] Re: [bestbits] Nnenna to Keynote at Netmundial - Civil Society major issues

Dear all

+1 from me re. Nnenna's role, and +1 from me re. Anriette's points below.


On 15/04/2014 19:44, Anriette Esterhuysen wrote:
Congrats Nnenna!

Put on one of your fabulous outfits, and then remind them, that working inclusively and respectfully with all stakeholder groups, particularly those that lack power and influence - i.e. civil society - is very different from putting on a colourful West African outfit :) It takes hard work, change in behaviour, change in structures and procedures, consultation, respect, trust, debate, and struggle, because do not always agree. It also requires a common framework of principles that defines what the public interest is in internet governance that can be used to promote and protect this public interest across the internet governance ecosystem and it is this framework that we trust the NetMundial can get us closer to.

You could also mention surveillance, with particularly - but not only - mass surveillance demonstrating how easy it is to destroy trust, and to deny accountability. And, is there any tougher test for multi-stakeholder internet governance? I think it would be good to get the message accross that the IANA transition is not the only issue that NetMundial should be discussing, but at the same time, it is a key opportunity to come up with solutions and approaches that are not simply cosmetic.


On 15/04/2014 09:23, Jeanette Hofmann wrote:
+ 1

Am 15.04.14 08:38, schrieb Ian Peter:
Congratulations Nnenna – great choice!
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major issues
Dear all,

I got a message this morning from NetMundial Chair, Virgilo, inviting me
to speak at the Opening Ceremony of Netmundial (meaning I have to pack
one of those African dresses) for some 8 minutes.

I have replied to say "I will be speaking from the Civil Society
perspective, which is my Stakeholder Group".

There is a Web Foundation media team that will help me put my ideas into
place, but I cannot not request input from here, so that no major issues
will be overlooked.

I travel Thursday evening thru Friday, so the earliest I can share a
draft/keypoints will be Monday.

Hope we can pull this off well.

All for now


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