[IRPCoalition] Brazil meeting on Internet Governanvce - Press Release FYI

Marianne Franklin m.i.franklin at gold.ac.uk
Thu Nov 28 15:54:59 EET 2013

Dear all

Thank you to those who supported the joint letter of support on this 
list and across the other lists and networks involved for civil society 
representation in all phases of the preparation and outcomes of the 
upcoming Brazil meeting on Internet Governance. The letter is available 
via other networks and will be online at 
www.internetrightsandprinciples.org shortly.

See below for a Press Release about how the meeting will be organized 
and confirmation of its multistakeholder committments fom Carlos Afonso, 
one of the team working hard for an inclusive meeting on our behalf.

Thanks all

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Yes. We must ensure that all CS movements, groups and structures have
direct access to the organizing commission, no need to use a single conduit.

And please forgive us for the elementary translation error in the press
release. Of course we meant "governance principles", not "government
principles". The original in Portuguese is correct.

The best way to reach the commission by email is to write to info at cgi.br
for now (if you wish, please cc. or cco. to me). We should have a more
specific email soon.

fraternal regards


On 11/26/2013 08:46 PM, Anriette Esterhuysen wrote:
> Thank you very much for this c.a.
> Does this mean that we no longer need to address our concerns about
> civil society participation to 1net but that rather we can engage
> constructively with CGI.br?
> Anriette
> On 26/11/2013 23:25, Carlos A. Afonso wrote:
>> Dear people, below is the translation of the CGI.br press release
>> regarding the Brazil Meeting.
>> fraternal regards
>> --c.a.
>> ===============
>> November 26th 2013
>> Announcement of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee about the
>> Global Multistakeholder Meeting on Internet Governance
>> President Dilma Rousseff’s speech at the United Nations and the
>> Montevideo Statement [1] prompted the opportunity to discuss proposals
>> on a new Internet governance, which became possible by the Brazilian
>> initiative to host the Global Multistakeholder Meeting on Internet
>> Governance. The meeting is scheduled for 23 and 24 April 2014, in São
>> Paulo, and will be organized in a partnership between CGI.br and
>> international entities representing the different sectors involved with
>> Internet governance.
>> The meeting represents an opportunity for government leaders and
>> representatives from different global sectors to discuss proposals about
>> Internet governance and development. The purpose of that meeting is to
>> pursue consensus about universally accepted government principles and to
>> improve their institutional framework.
>> The event shall have the participation of governments, civil society,
>> academy, international organisms and entities, as well as technical and
>> business communities.
>> “We would like to thank the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee for
>> its role organizing that meeting. I genuinely believe that the global
>> Internet community will gather in this truly multistakeholder
>> opportunity with the goal of shaping the future towards the continued
>> prosperity and growth of the Internet”, said Adiel A. Akplogan, CEO at
>> AfriNIC and coordinator of 1Net.
>> President Roussef nominated Prof. Virgílio Fernandes Almeida,
>> Coordinator of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee and Secretary
>> for Informatics Policies, to coordinate the organization for that meeting.
>> “The Internet Steering Committee acknowledges the opportunity to discuss
>> new paths for the global Internet governance and appreciates the
>> importance of a multistakeholder meeting for those discussions”, said
>> Professor Virgílio Almeida.
>> Four committees shall be created in order to warrant the event’s
>> success. The committees will have the support of a shared secretary,
>> which shall help them to conduct their work and to coordinate the
>> communications.
>> The four meeting committees are:
>> 1. High-Level Multistakeholder Committee: Responsible for conducting the
>> political articulation and fostering the involvement of the
>> international community.
>> 2. Executive Multistakeholder Committee: Responsible for organizing the
>> event, including the agenda discussion and execution, and for the
>> treatment of the proposals from participants and different stakeholders;
>> 3. Logistics and Organizational Committee: Responsible for overseeing
>> every logistic aspect of the meeting;
>> 4. Governmental Advisory Committee: Will stay open to all governments
>> which want to contribute to the meeting.
>> The meeting will allow face-to-face and remote participation of the
>> global community. Mechanisms and the schedule for receiving inputs of
>> the global community will be established.
>> E-Mail for contact and input => info at cgi.br
>> ===========
>> [1] http://www.icann.org/en/news/announcements/a-07oct13-en.htm

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