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Hi All

As you know the working group on enhanced cooperation set up what it 
calls as an open ended 'correspondence group' which will, roughly,  map 
policy issues to existing insitutions, if any; assess the adequacy and 
other characteristics of such mechanisms; note where there may be none; 
and overall identify various 'gaps' which will help the WGEC make its 
final recommendations.

The 'correspondence group' obviously has a very important task, which 
lies at the heart of figuring out what is needed to change/ improve in 
global governance of the Internet. The group will function in an virtual 
environment, over an elist. Membership of the group is open and anyone - 
yes, anyone - can join. You just have to write to the coordinator of the 
group - Phil Rushton at philip.m.rushton at bt.com to put you into the 
group. (Joy Liddicoat is the co-coordinator).

The terms of reference, already circulated on this list - are put below 
this email for reference... parminder

1. The correspondence group will work electronically. If necessary, 
conference calls will be held, but the main method of working will be 

2. The correspondence group is open to all stakeholders.

3. The correspondence group will provide three update reports to the 
WGEC Chair and Mailing List at: End of November 2013, beginning of 
January 2014 and End of January 2014.

4. The Correspondence Group will provide an initial output in the first 
week of January 2014 and a final document for consideration by the WGEC 
by the 12^th of February 2014.

5. The Correspondence Group will:

(a) Review the identified international public policy issues pertaining 
to the Internet in the spreadsheet that has been developed in the second 
meeting of the WGEC.

/(NB) Additional issues may be added to the identified public policy 
issues if agreed by the WGEC./

(b) list where there are existing international mechanisms addressing 
the issues in the list

(c) identify the status of mechanisms, if any, whether they are 
addressing the issues

(d) Attempt to identify the gaps in order to ascertain what type of 
recommendations may be required to be drafted by the WGEC.

6. Any issue that cannot reach consensus in the Correspondence Group 
will be referred to the Working Group, with the options that represent 
the range of opinions expressed in the Correspondence Group. The final 
decision on such issues will be made by the WGEC.

7. This Correspondence Group does not replace the WGEC and will not take 
any decision pertaining to the mandate of WGEC.

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