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Parminder, FWIW the term orphaned issues has been around since before we met in Tunis, e.g. I used it in a presentation to the UNICT TF forum at UN NYC in March 2004 in arguing for creation of a new mechanism and in many places since, including the consultations on creating IGF in 2004, the WGIG book in 2005, in four workshops etc. pushing for IG4D to be on the IGF agenda subsequently (see the Sharm book)...  In fact, it’s also in the IGC's July 2005 response to the WGIG report—i.e. the IGF mandate should include "identification of weaknesses and gaps in the governance architecture, i.e. ‘orphaned' or multidimensional issues that do not fall neatly within  the ambit of any existing body.”

It’s fine if you don’t want to use the term now, but it most certainly was not intended to give issues that are subject to no global governance mechanisms a subsidiary or weaker status—precisely the opposite.  And in any event, this is one thing you can’t blame on the technical community :-)



On Nov 22, 2013, at 11:39 PM, parminder <parminder at itforchange.net> wrote:

> I will like to participate in all.... 
> Meanwhile, I had requested on the 'summit' sublist of BB that the term 'orphan issues' is loaded and that the more appropriate term from Tunis agenda 'Internet-related public policy issues' be used under 3.2 below. I think Jeremy did change it then as per my suggestion.
> The term 'orphan issues' was essentially introduced recently by the I* star group. To me it gives 'public policy issues' a status of kind of subsidiarity or dependency (in any case, certainly a lower status) to 'IG issues of technical nature' that I* deals with - whereby it becomes more 'logical' to extend the ICANN model of governance to substantive public policy issues.... 
> parminder
> On Saturday 23 November 2013 02:03 AM, Marilia Maciel wrote:
>> Recommendation on process issues for the conference (remote participation, stakeholder representation and selection)
>> Substantive input on universal Internet principles (based on Marco Civil and/or other existing principles documents).
>> Substantive input on an institutional framework for multistakeholder Internet governance including:
>> Internationalisation of ICANN (based on existing work done by Internet Governance Project and/or others).
>> Orphan issues (based on existing proposals put before the WGEC and the recommendations of the Correspondence Group).
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