[IRPCoalition] 2014 Brazil Meeting on Internet Governance - Letter supporting Multistakeholder participation

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On Friday 22 November 2013 06:45 PM, Marianne Franklin wrote:
> Dear all
> FYI, the following letter below has been drafted through a 
> collaborative effort across several civil society platforms in order 
> to support current efforts on the ground, in Brazil and this week's 
> ICANN meeting in Buenos Aires to ensure that the 2014 Brazilian hosted 
> meeting on Internet Governance holds to its promise of inclusive and 
> multistakholder participation at the preparatory level and for the 
> meeting itself.
> ****
> To
> Mr. Paulo Bernardo Silva, Minister of Communications - Minicom

> Mr. Virgilio de Almeida, Secretary for Information Technology Policy 
> at the Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation - MCTI

> Mr. Valdir Simão, Special Assessor for the Presidency

> Emb. Benedicto Fonseca, Director of the Department of Scientific and 
> Technological Affairs of the Minister of External Relations - MRE and
> Mr. Harmut Glaser, Secretariat of the Brazilian Internet Steering 
> Committee - CGI.br
> We, as representatives of three networks that include civil society 
> organisations and individuals involved in Internet governance, are 
> writing with reference to preparations for the Global Multistakeholder 
> Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance that is planned to be 
> held in São Paulo, Brazil by April 2014.
During the eighth Internet Governance Forum in Bali this year, many 
> of us met in person, and some others participated remotely and agreed 
> that the following persons would be delegated to serve as interim 
> Liaisons from across these networks for purposes of planning the 
> Global Meeting:

> * Ms Joana Varon Ferraz

> * Ms Carolina Rossini

> * Mr Carlos A Afonso

> * Ms Laura Tresca
> This letter is to express our continuing support for this arrangement 
> as planning for the meeting takes shape. The above interim Liaisons 
> shall remain at disposal of the Brazilian authorities in all matters 
> pertaining to the organisation of the Global Meeting, and we urge that 
> our Liaisons should in the context of these preparations be invited to 
> all meetings with all other constituencies as full participants in 
> this process. We support their work and look forward to hearing of 
> progress in their reports back to our networks that are made up of a 
> broad constituency of civil society groups and individuals. They have 
> our trust and support.

> If you have any inquiries about the above matter, please do not 
> hesitate to contact us at any time, either directly or through the 
> above Liaisons.

> Yours sincerely,
> etc
> ******
> Please indicate if you support this letter being sent as soon as 
> possible as the work that Joana, Carolina, Carlos, and Laura have been 
> doing on behalf of civil society, broadly defined, in this respect 
> needs support from everyone committed to this meeting being a 
> successful and constructive one.
> If anyone is not clear about why we are proposing this letter, or who 
> are not up to speed with the Brazilian initiative, please feel free to 
> ask. There are quite a few people on this list new to all these issues 
> so do not hesitate to speak up. All those involved will do their best 
> to clarify for sure.
> Thanks all for the time to consider this cross-network initiative.
> MF

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