[IRPCoalition] Follow up ondelivery of letter about 4 interim liaisons for Brazil Meeting

Marianne Franklin m.i.franklin at gold.ac.uk
Mon Dec 2 20:37:19 EET 2013

Dear IRP'ers

See below for Joana's reporting back (Joana is one of the interim 
liaisons working hard on our behalf) on how the letter supporting full 
and inclusive participation in the upcoming Brazil Meeting was received. 
You can re-access the letter through the attached doc or via the Best 
Bits website as below.

FYI, another call via the Internet Governance Caucus underscores this 
joint effort to support all efforts to keep the Brazil meeting open to 
all at all stages. http://igcaucus.org/sign-on.html


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From: 	Joana Varon <joana at varonferraz.com>
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Dear all,

According to previous concerns, the letter pointing the four Brazilian 
interim liaisons was sent last week to the Brazilian government, which 
has just replied, through Mr Vigilio Almeida, Secretary for Information 
Technology Policy at the Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation.

The letter is currently hosted here: http://bestbits.net/brazil-reps/ 
and was sent reinforcing the idea that it is a interim nomination, that 
shall not be seen in disregard of the procedures to be established to 
populate the four Committees to be formed with a proper, less ad hoc 

As a response, Virgilio has kindly said that they are looking forward 
for contributions from the respective networks in preparing the April 
meeting agenda, and that there are still at the stage of internal 
organization to prepare next steps.




Joana Varon Ferraz
PGP 0x016B8E73

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