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Wed Nov 28 11:03:38 EET 2012

Re-sending email which bounced earlier since the list was down..

On Sunday 11 November 2012 10:24 PM, parminder wrote:
> Dear All,
> During the main session on emerging issues and going aheadat the IGF, 
> there was a section on developing Internet principles. (This main 
> session ran at the same time as the meeting of the IRP or Internet 
> Rights and Principles dynamic coalition and therefore I could not 
> attend the later and am looking forward to a report of the same.)
> At this main session, proposals were solicited from the floor on ways 
> to take forward the task of developing some kind of Internet 
> principles at the IGF. I proposed a more bottom up strategy then the 
> MAG centred strategy that was being proposed by many/most on the 
> panel. What I proposed was as below.
> 1. I sought a round table on Internet principles to be held at the 
> next IGF. I took the liberty to offer on the behalf of the IRP dynamic 
> coalition to organise such a round table.
> 2. In the development of the agenda of IGF 7, significant prominence 
> be given to the issue of Internet principles, including possibly 
> inviting all parties early to contribute to building a Internet 
> principles developing environment at the IGF. We may even seek to get 
> this idea into the overall theme of the net IGF. (I am adding this 
> last suggestion only now.)
> parminder

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