[IRP] NTIA, ICANN, multistakeholderism and human rights

Matthias C. Kettemann matthias.kettemann
Sun Mar 11 02:21:38 EET 2012

Dear all,

time to reactivate the list a bit. I have done a bit of thinking and 
writing about what the NTIA decision tells us about Internet Governance 
and the multi-stakeholder approach.

In brief: Is the NTIA decision a good thing for multistakeholderbased 
human rights-sensitive Internet Governance?
It is, if it leads to more accountability in the next application of 
ICANN, which is sure to follow.
It isn't, if it leads to more governmental oversight in defining the 
global public interest vis-a-vis the web.

Interested? See http://goo.gl/d5GI8


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