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An interesting, and relevant critical comment on the Declaration of 
Internet Freedom campaign from Jillian York(also on this list if I 


Who indeed is this 'we'?!


--On 13 July 2012 13:02 +0100 Dixie Hawtin <Dixie at global-partners.co.uk> 

> Hi all!
> So glad to see the discussion take this turn because it is SUCH an
> important thing for the coalition to decide on our priority aim and
> activities now. I certainly agree that it is great to see so many groups
> in the world focus on internet rights, and having long-considered these
> issues - as well as having such an international coalition - puts us in a
> great position to make a really useful contribution to the movement. What
> we have been missing somewhat since the launch of the 10 IRPs and Beta
> version of the Charter is a clear idea of what we do next.
> There seem to be a number of different options emerging in the
> discussions, such as:
> ?         Looking at ways of operationalising the principles ? for
> example looking at what different stakeholders in the digital environment
> would need to do to uphold them.
> ?         Using the IRP into a space to promote synergies between
> different sets of principles.
> ?         Publicising and promoting the Charter and 10 IRPs
> ?         Working on the Charter to continue to try and perfect it
> It's really important to work out what we can do which would be most
> useful, feasible and effective ? so if you have ideas or opinions etc.
> please do wade in now! My idea is if we can discuss this on the list
> first, we can then set up a survey to get buy-in from as many people as
> possible and identify what resources we can draw upon to put some real
> coalition force behind us!
>  And two other smaller notes:
> 1) Just to clarify for the people who have been working hard for the
> Coalition that we are actually very busy at the moment ? all three of
> our workshop proposals for the IGF have been accepted, which means that
> we will have an opportunity to push important issues like access to the
> internet; multi-stakeholder governance; and also the synergies between
> different sets of principles, up the agenda (the latter is the workshop
> we are co-organising with the Council of Europe). In addition Wolfgang,
> Meryem, Rikke, Johan and I have all recently been given seats on the
> Committee of Experts on Rights of Internet Users at the Council of Europe
> ? so that will be an opportunity to build on the links between us and
> to promote practical initiatives and applications of the Charter
> principles. Note: I will be sending more information about this and how
> to get involved soon.
> 2) The website ? we sincerely apologise for the difficulties and are
> working to fix them. I don't think it was sinister; someone appeared to
> think our website would be a good place to advertise Viagra! In the
> meantime please direct people to the Charter site
> (http://irpcharter.org/). We will probably have to migrate content across
> on to this platform which will then be our main website. If there are any
> volunteers who would like to help with this please let me know.
> Very best,
> Dixie
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