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michael gurstein gurstein
Wed Jul 11 18:40:25 EEST 2012



Hi Steve,
Just to reiterate the very close fraternal relationship with the Internet
Governance Caucus (associated with the Internet Governance Forum).  The IGC
tends to respond to broader (and more technical) issues associated with
Internet Governance while the IRP deals more directly with HR issues as they
impact on the Internet but of course, there is a strong inter-penetration of
one to the other. 
This seems currently to be intensifying quite significantly in the context
of various upcoming global internet forums (that of the IGF in Azerbaijan in
November and the ITU (WCIT) in Dubai in December for which the various sign
on letters, declarations etc. are being prepared.
(Something that hasn`t been discussed here as yet I think is if or how the
IGC and the IRP will collaborate in the context of the WCIT where neither
has been particularly active to date so far as I know.)
(Not being very HR literate my own role here has been to comment from time
to time on how the Principles might interact with/impact broader digital
divide issues.)

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