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Marianne Franklin m.i.franklin
Mon Jul 9 14:22:45 EEST 2012

Dear All

Thought I'd respond to some recent posts.

1) Declarations; I take Jeremy's point, and Wolfganga's. The mushrooming 
of declarations, charters and the like is perhaps a sign of some 
critical mass building.

That said, the Declaration of Internet Freedom; 
http://www.internetdeclaration.org/freedom, boils the IRP Ten Punchy 
Principles, which already brought the original 3-tier Charter down to 
10,  down to 5 points. At this rate we could well see the IRP Charter or 
something similar fitting into a tweet!

The IRP DC has yet to sign up to this Declaration. I move that we join 
it as I can see no reason why not.

2) As for the IRP website. I hope we can resolve this as having a 
defunct website is not good for business so to speak.

3) Re. Max's initiative. I have read and responded for my part!


On 04/07/2012 04:13, Jeremy Malcolm wrote:
> On 03/07/12 20:46, Benedek, Wolfgang (wolfgang.benedek at uni-graz.at) wrote:
>> What I wanted to point out as well is that we already have two more 
>> declarations under this name, the Geneva Declaration on Internet 
>> Freedom of 2010 by a group of NGOs
> Do you have a link for that?  I found 
> http://www.genevasummit.org/media/20, but it is dead, nor is it on 
> archive.org.
>> and the Guiding Principles of Internet Freedom of 2012 by Praxis 
>> think tank of Estonia, which are both more elaborate.
> Thanks, I added this to the links page at http://igcaucus.org/links 
> and added years.  Am I still missing any?  Feel free to add this list 
> to the IRP site too, or better, link to the IGC's copy.  BTW, does 
> everyone know that the IRP's main website is down (but the charter 
> site is up)?  Not sure about the mailing list, but I'm cc'ing to it in 
> case it is up.
>> It would be good to bring all these initiatives together and the DC 
>> on Internet Rights and Principles would be a suitable place for doing so.
>> Unfortunately, people seem prefer to work in parallel which might 
>> limit the effects of such efforts.
> Indeed.  Part of the problem is that whereas there are strong global 
> action networks on issues like IP and the environment, in IG we have 
> only the IGC, and it is invisible to (or at least ignored by) large 
> parts of the Internet activist community.
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