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Jeremy Malcolm jeremy
Wed Jul 4 06:13:34 EEST 2012

On 03/07/12 20:46, Benedek, Wolfgang (wolfgang.benedek at uni-graz.at) wrote:
> What I wanted to point out as well is that we already have two more
> declarations under this name, the Geneva Declaration on Internet
> Freedom of 2010 by a group of NGOs

Do you have a link for that?  I found
http://www.genevasummit.org/media/20, but it is dead, nor is it on

> and the Guiding Principles of Internet Freedom of 2012 by Praxis think
> tank of Estonia, which are both more elaborate.

Thanks, I added this to the links page at http://igcaucus.org/links and
added years.  Am I still missing any?  Feel free to add this list to the
IRP site too, or better, link to the IGC's copy.  BTW, does everyone
know that the IRP's main website is down (but the charter site is up)? 
Not sure about the mailing list, but I'm cc'ing to it in case it is up.

> It would be good to bring all these initiatives together and the DC on
> Internet Rights and Principles would be a suitable place for doing so.
> Unfortunately, people seem prefer to work in parallel which might
> limit the effects of such efforts.

Indeed.  Part of the problem is that whereas there are strong global
action networks on issues like IP and the environment, in IG we have
only the IGC, and it is invisible to (or at least ignored by) large
parts of the Internet activist community.


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