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Tue Jan 31 18:31:01 EET 2012

Dear all,

The European Union and 22 Memberstates signed ACTA. Now it's up to the
memberstate parliaments, and the EU Parliament, to vote on the package.
There's no possibility to change rulings, it's only yes or no.

We hope a lot of you can be active again to collect arguments to inform
Members of Parliaments why they should vote No to ACTA.
Accordig to insiders, the 'EPP Group' in EU Parliament is the best to
target with arguments.

Here some usefull links

Some notes on ACTA by David Hammerstein 

Study EU Parliament Committee INTA that will prepare a voting advise for
the Parliament

Study from EU Party The Greens Does ACTA comply with human / fundamental
rights charters? 

"We've been covering #ACTA for over four years, and hopefully we can
shed some light on a tricky subject." Ars Technica

Thanks for your attention

Em Goedhart,
@10comm on twitter

  10 com
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