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On *google*, SRSLY??

Without me...


Jochai Ben-Avie <jochai at accessnow.org> wrote:

>Dear friends and colleagues,
>Over the weekend I?ve been doing a lot of thinking about how we can
>maintain the momentum and power of all of the groups that have come
>together to fight SOPA & PIPA. The scale and scope of action taken
>this legislation is unprecedented and shows the influence we can have
>we work together. But what actually made this ad hoc coalition so
>and how can we harness this energy ahead of the next battle? Some
>1) *Sharing information.* I think in every political capitol, but
>particularly in Washington D.C., things happen very quickly and it can
>hard for international groups to keep their finger on the pulse of
>happening. By pooling information, it is much easier to get a complete
>picture of what ?the other side? is planning, allowing us to identify
>leverage points and spend resources most effectively.
>2)* Coordinated messaging. *While there is certainly a balance to be
>between having a diversity of voices and a unified narrative when
>international human rights organizations speak out against a
>law, there is also value in knowing what other groups are going to be
>and saying. This enables us to avoid conflict and to position our
>organizations most strategically.
>3) *Common action.* There are times when a chorus of opposition can be
>influential (e.g., when each groups speaks out against a law
>but when it comes to the international human rights community, I think
>can also have a very powerful impact if we speak in one voice. We?ve
>that our letters about SOPA and PIPA were particularly effective in
>regard. For example, we saw many of the talking points from our letter
>about SOPA in the White House?s statement on this legislation.
>This is not the last time that the international human rights community
>will have to come together to defeat a particular digital
>law. Indeed, SOPA and PIPA are likely to rear their ugly heads again
>sometime in the next few weeks. And, of course, let us not forget about
>ACTA. While the international human rights community can?t speak out
>every law that threatens digital rights or the integrity of the
>it?s important that we share information about what?s happening around
>world, taking coordinated action when it makes sense to do so. While
>all on many lists, I don?t think there is an existing comprehensive
>listserv that achieves the goals outlined above. To help in
>sign-on in the previous three letters (around the eG8, SOPA, and PIPA),
>we?ve created a list of the contact people at a number of human rights
>organizations internationally (incidentally, the recipients of this
>To speak to the goals above and make it easier for everyone on this
>to coordinate action of the international human rights community, we?ve
>created a google group for international digital rights organizations (
>digitalrightsorgs at googlegroups.com). We?ve initially sent invitations
>orgs that signed one of the letters about the eG8, SOPA, or PIPA (about
>in total), but if there are others who should be included, just let me

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