[IRP] Fwd: Fwd: URGENT and IMPORTANT - the Internet as a key sector for guidelines on human rights and corporate social responsibility

Matthias C. Kettemann matthias.kettemann
Thu Jan 19 10:58:18 EET 2012

Dear IRPers,

in October 2011, the European Commission has adopted a communication on 
Corporate Social Responsibility 
that contains a EU strategy and action plan for 2011-2014. It also 
covers ICT companies.

A friend of list as let us know that:

"[a]s part of the action plan, the Commission [will] support a new 
project to develop guidance for [three] select industry sectors on 
implementing the corporate responsibility to respect human rights.

The choice of which three sectors [...] will be made on the basis of 
suggestions by stakeholders, to be sent by 27 January 2012."

We could use this opportunity to suggest that Internet companies should 
be one of the three industry sectors to be selected for the project.

Attached you can find guidelines as to which form our suggestion should 

Does anyone on the list feel up to writing a first draft making the case 
of why Intenret companies should be chosen - a draft which we could then 
build on? It doesn't have to be long but should address the points 
mentioned in the attached document.

The deadline is rather tight. All proposals have to be sent to 
sectorguidance at ihrb.org <mailto:sectorguidance at ihrb.org> by 6pm CET on 
27 January 2012.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards


Internet Rights & Principles Coalition


Mag. iur. Matthias C. Kettemann, LL.M. (Harvard)
Teaching and Research Fellow

Institute of International Law and International Relations
University of Graz

Universit?tsstra?e 15/A4, 8010 Graz, Austria

T | +43 316 380 6711 (office)
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