[IRP] UN HRC panel on FX on the internet next week - update

Henrik Almström APC henrik
Wed Feb 22 10:48:05 EET 2012

Hi everyone,

please find updated information about the panel on FX on the internet
below. If you happen to be in or around Geneva next week we encourage you
to come. We might be able to support accreditation if needed.


On Wednesday next week, February 29th, the Human Rights
 will convene an expert
 in Geneva to discuss the issue of freedom of expression on the internet.
We are proud that *Carlos Afonso* from Nupef in Brazil and APC?s executive
director *Anriette Esterhuysen *are among the panelists. The panel will be
moderated by Mr. Riz Khan of Al-Jazeera News Agency. As part of a
multistakeholder dialogue, inputs and questions will be sought from the
floor and Member States, international organisations and civil society
representatives are encouraged to engage in the debate.

**** Spread the word and support the panel! ****

The significance of this panel is its explicit use of the principle that
human rights, in their full scope and capacity, apply to the internet,
making a crucial connection between internet activists and human rights

Keep an eye on rights.apc.org for updates, including links to webcast and
relevant hashtags to follow the discussion on twitter.For more information
about the panel, panelists and modalities, please find the official concept
paper attached.

Kind regards

/Henrik Almstrom

Henrik Almstr?m
Association for Progressive Communications, APC
Johannesburg, South Africa
skype: henrikalmstrom
henrik at apc.org
mobile: +27 72 311 9613
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