[IRP] UN Panel: FX & the Internet

Joy Liddicoat joy
Fri Feb 10 02:33:09 EET 2012

Hi all,

Just writing to update you about this event.  Following on from the Special
Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression's annual report in 2011, an expert panel
is being held during HRC 19 at the United Nations. 


The panel session will take place on Wed 29 Feb and is being organised by
the government of Sweden and the UN office of the high commissioner for
human rights. APC will be attending and participating in the panel event.
Information about the panel modalities is attached and we understand the
event will be webcast.

We are reaching out to ask whether any of you or your organisations are like
to attend or are making submissions to the Panel and, if so, if you would
like APC to consider supporting these. If so please send us your proposed
submissions as soon as possible ( we understand these are due on 13 Feb and
we would encourage you to draw on and cite research including the latest
www.giswatch.org which includes 55 country reports and other material as
well as an introduction from Frank La Rue.  

We are also asking for suggestions and ideas about possible follow up
actions that the panel should recommend governments take - including human
rights as the main theme of the IGF or other practical actions. Please do
share your plans and ideas so that we can try to collaborate.


Kind regards


Joy Liddicoat

Project Coordinator

Internet Rights are Human Rights

www.apc.org <http://www.apc.org/> 


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