[IRPCoalition] Internet principles and IGF 8

Pranesh Prakash pranesh at cis-india.org
Wed Dec 5 12:45:33 EET 2012

Marilia Maciel [2012-11-29 05:53]:
> Regardless of the quality of IRP's document, I think that future efforts
> should go on the direction of bringing together all valuable initiatives of
> principles that have emerged lately, identify the overlaps and the
> differences and, hopefully, come up with a document that would "steal" good
> language and reflect the concerns from different proposals. It is also my
> impression that the efforts that have been made so far to map the
> initiatives of principles are too focused on those that have emerged on the
> North of the globe. There are interesting discussions about principles in
> Latin America, Africa and Asia that need to be mapped and analyzed.

And while doing this we should avoid this (by doing analysis, but not 
proposing a unifying text):

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