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Hi Marianne 

What are the four categories? 

As far as the couple of days are concerned can we account for the time zones as well, I have already lost a day because I think I'm in the last time zone :)

The journey begins sooner than you anticipate !
..................... the renaissance of composure !

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Dear all

The Coalition needs to refresh its Steering Committee. At the Baku
    IGF a number of people let us know that they are interested in
    serving on the Steering Committee and some others currently on the
    committee indicated they were willing to continue for another term
    (1-2 years). 

Before we send around the list of candidates, could all those from
    the current Steering Committee let Matthias and I know whether you
    want to stand again or wish to step down. 

If we could hear from you in the next couple of days that would be

The plan is for all those wanting to stand to send through a brief
    statement about why you want to stand (and I mean brief; 200 words
    only + links to relevant work if you want). There are four
    stakeholder categories so please indicate which one you are standing
    in; governmental, private sector, civil society, academic. FYI,
    being on the committee consists of taking part in occasional
    conference calls, working-group emails around specific topics or
    projects, and being on hand to help the co-Chairs based on your
    respective expertise and enthusiasm. 

Once the list of names and 'blurbs' is compiled we can send it
    around for voting and/or endorsement from the coalition. More on
    those details shortly.  

To get the ball rolling; as I am now co-Chair I hereby stand down as
    a Steering Committee member. 

Looking forward to hearing back from current committee members so we
    can things started. 

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