[IRP] IRP Famine-Refugee Relief Support

Graciela Selaimen graciela
Mon Sep 26 15:27:22 EEST 2011

Hi, Marianne

Thanks for sending the document to the list. I'm looking forward to 
reading comments, as this is an initiative that can be fed and refined 
in different manners.

best regards,

Em 9/22/11 9:41 AM, M.I.Franklin escreveu:
> Dear All
> Over the last weeks a small group of coalition members has been 
> working on a fundraising initiative aiming to raise awareness as well 
> as funds to support famine-relief and humanitarian help for those 
> suffering from famine and forced displacement in the Horn of Africa.
> When this was first suggested on the list we had a lively discussion 
> about how, indeed whether such an effort is related to Internet 
> Governance issues or the remit of the IRP Charter and Ten Principles.
> To make a stronger case, indeed to be sure there is evidence of how 
> ICTs and IG issues pertain specifically to this sort of humanitarian 
> crisis, we have spent the last few weeks compiling information on who 
> is doing what, current facts and figures about the situation on the 
> ground at the Kenyan-Somali border, and considering how these reflect 
> on  IG and human rights advocacy.
> This is what we have so far; a call, a background note and fact-sheet 
> and some proposals for action. This draft statement is available here 
> as an attached document and on  Google docs
> <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zHuIF5UN9xquMDfdsb0V7cS3tDX1j0xSq4lLJC50cLM/edit?pli=1&hl=en_US>. 
> We would like to ask coalition members to let us know what they think 
> about
> 1) the initiative as a coalition-led one
> 2) Possible ' candidate' organizations or initiatives who we can raise 
> funds for + the best means to raise the money in the quickest and most 
> effective way (see the list
> 3) Any comments or updated information to develop the fact-sheet.
> FYI, if members endorse this initiative, we have a Wiki page and space 
> for a fund-raiser link ready to go up on the coalition webpage.
> So, with the IGF around the corner and many people getting ready to 
> head off to Kenya, we are keen to hear your views.
> Thanks!
> MF
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