[IRP] Introducing "The Netizen Report"

Rebecca MacKinnon rebecca.mackinnon
Sun Sep 18 23:52:51 EEST 2011

Dear colleagues and friends,

On Thursday I launched a new section on the Global Voices Advocacy website
called ?The Netizen Report?: An overview of recent global developments
related to the power dynamics between citizens, companies and governments on
the Internet.  I hope that these regular (probably quasi-weekly) reports can
provide netizens around the world with useful information about who is
seeking to influence and shape the digital platforms and networks we
increasingly depend upon, and how. Armed with information, we are in a
better position to defend our rights, and to make sure the Internet evolves
in a manner that is compatible with free expression and dissent.

You can read the inaugural post here:

The format and content of the report will evolve over the coming months
based on reader feedback and author experimentation. Your comments and
criticisms are welcome. Within the coming week or so I hope to set up an
email subscription system for these posts. Meanwhile those familiar with RSS
feeds can subscribe immediately via this page:


Rebecca MacKinnon
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