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Dear Friends,

Over the next two days, Access, sponsored by Google, Facebook, Twitter,
Mozilla, Yahoo!, Skype, AT&T among other, will be hosting the Silicon Valley
Human Rights Conference. The Conference is an outcome-oriented event,
centered on private roundtables and public sessions, that will bring
information and communications technology (ICT) entrepreneurs, executives,
and engineers together with policy analysts, human rights specialists and
charitable organizations in the field. One of the SVHRC main goals is to
exam and explore how the human rights and high tech sectors can better plan
for and manage the human rights implications of new technologies.

Many outstanding speakers from the most different industries, countries and
backgrounds will be speaking at the event. The debates are also going to be
enrished by the massive presence of activistists, students, and
representatives from civil society, private company and governments.  

A live
6243/VEsH/> stream of all the conference plenary sessions and panels,
supported by Portal
6243/VEsE/> A and YouTube via CitizenTube
6243/VEsF/>  can be found on RightsCon.org
6243/VEsC/>  as well as AccessNow.org
6243/VEsD/> . Make sure to share it with your friends and colleagues and
join us in this amazing event!


The Access Team


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