[IRP] Last call for conference: Internet and democratic change!

Marcin de Kaminski marcin.dekaminski
Tue Oct 25 18:19:51 EEST 2011

Hey y'all!

Tomorrow it is time for the big conference Internet and democratic change here in Stockholm. I've been trying to pitch the conference earlier , and now it's my last attempt.
Sida ? the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency ? in cooperation with the Julia Group is proud to present a whole day of seminars on October 26th 2011. The topic is net activism, empowerment and emancipation focusing on the current events in the Middle East and North Africa.

The webcasted event gathers net activists, democracy activists and human rights activists from both the MENA region and the rest of the world to discuss how the Internet and net activism can promote democratic change and the strive towards human rights for all.

Mer info at http://bit.ly/net4change
Webcast will be available at http://www.sida.se

Please embed the webcasts at your own site: www.sida.se/embedoct26

Use the twitterfeed at www.sida.se or #net4change for info and updates

Thank you, hope to see you online!

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