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This looks very useful.
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Internews is pleased to launch the
ternews.org/GlobalInternetDigest/> Global Internet Digest, a weekly
publication highlighting trends in digital and social media that intersect
with freedom of expression, policy, privacy and censorship. The Digest
features information about relevant news, research and online resources. It
also includes an interactive calendar highlighting important events taking
place around the world. The Digest is available on our website and via
2ma.net/app/view:Join/signupId:1424390/acctId:1411202> If you would like to
subscribe, please sign up here.

Visit the full
ternews.org/GlobalInternetDigest/default.shtm> Global Internet Digest on our
web site.
Gary Garriott

Director, ICT Programs

Internews Network

1640 Rhode Island Ave NW, 7th Floor

Washington, DC 20036 USA

Tel. +1 202 833 5740, ext. 230

Email:  <mailto:ggarriott at internews.org> ggarriott at internews.org

Skype: ggarriott

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