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See below for a Call (apologies about any cross-postings)


GIGANET - Global Internet Governance Academic Network, in co-operation with

Research ICT Africa


Sixth Annual Symposium

26 September 2011

Nairobi, Kenya

The Global Internet Governance Academic Network (GIGANET), in co-operation 
with the Research ICT Africa (RIA), is seeking submissions of research 
about Internet Governance to be presented at the Sixth GigaNet Annual 
Symposium, held on 26 September 2011, one day before the United Nations 
Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Nairobi, Kenya.

 Since 2006, GigaNet has organized an Annual Symposium to showcase research 
about Internet Governance, focusing on an interdisciplinary approach. Prior 
successful symposia took place in Greece (2006), Brazil (2007), India 
(2008), Egypt (2009) and Lithuania (2010).

In 2011, the Internet Governance Forum has entered its second phase, after 
having reached the end of its first 5-years mandate. This year's event will 
provide room to discuss the challenges encountered and results achieved 
during the first five years of IGF. As in previous years the GigaNet 
Symposium will further discuss current and future questions of Global 
Internet Governance.


GigaNet is a scholarly community that promotes the development of Internet 
Governance as a recognized, interdisciplinary field of study and 
facilitates informed dialogue on policy issues and related matters between 
scholars and governments, international organizations, the private sector 
and civil society. http://giga-net.org/

Research ICT Africa is a network of researchers in 20 African countries 
conducting research on ICT policy and regulation and facilitating 
evidence-based and informed policy making for improved access, use and 
application of ICT for social development and economic growth.


Symposium Themes

 GigaNet is interested in receiving abstracts related to Internet 
Governance themes, especially those containing innovative approaches and/or 
emerging research areas. We encourage submissions on the following topics:

?  The first 5 years of the IGF: Taking stock and the way forward

?  Developing countries perspectives on internet governance

?  New approaches to theorizing internet governance

?  Between global and local: the question of territory in internet 

?  Freedom of Expression / Right to Information

?  New approaches to Human Rights on the Internet

?  Internet governance and political uprising

?  International relations and cyber-security

?  Online privacy and dataveillance

?  Cloud Governance

Other proposals on more general questions of Global Internet Governance 
will also be considered.


 Interested scholars should submit abstracts of research paper not later 15 
July 2011, through Easy Chair platform at:


Paper proposals should be submitted following theses requirements:

?  An abstract of 800-1000 words, in English, where it is mandatory to 
describe the main research goal(s) and the methodological background of the 

?  A one-page curriculum vitae focused on institutional affiliations, 
advanced degrees, scholarly publications and work in the field of Internet 
Governance and related issues (for example ICTs).

Evaluation Process

The Program Committee members will evaluate the abstracts submitted and 
decisions will be sent to applicants by email on August 1st.

 Accepted papers for oral presentations should be followed by a full 
research paper, to be sent by September 15th. Some quality papers submitted 
that are not accepted for oral presentations will be recommended for poster 

 Accepted speakers and poster presenters' submissions and final papers will 
be published on the GigaNet website.

Registration process

 The GigaNet Annual Symposium is free of charge. However, a registration 
process will be required close to the event. Please continue visiting our 
website for further information about registration, venue and 

Financial Assistance

 One outstanding accepted paper by an African researcher may be awarded 
financial support by the Research ICT Africa. This support includes a 
travel grant up to US $ 1.000,00 to facilitate the participation of 
(emerging) African scholars who otherwise would not be able to attend. If 
available, information regarding additional scholarship options will be 
available following notification of acceptance.

 GigaNet 2011 Program Committee

 ?  Leo Van Audenhove ? PC Chair, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

?  Roy Balleste ? St. Thomas University, Miami, USA

?  William Drake - University of Zurich, Switzerland

?  Dmitry Epstein ? Cornell University, USA

?  Marianne Franklin ? Goldsmiths University London, UK

?  Raquel Gatto ? Catholic University of S?o Paulo, Brazil

?  Alison Gillwald ? Director Research ICT Africa

?  Nanette Levinson ? American University, USA

?  Milton Mueller ? Syracuse University, USA

?  Rolf H. Weber ? University of Zurich, Switzerland

Schedule Summary

July 15th: abstract submission deadline

August 1st: notification of acceptance

September 15th: submission deadline for complete papers

September 26th: Sixth Annual GigaNet Symposium

If you have any question related to the submission or the symposium 
activities, please e-mail the Program Committee Chair: 
leo.van.audenhove at vub.ac.be

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