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I have an intro email to the organizing group from Marcus to me.  There will be a meeting/conference call a week from today.  I will be conferencing in by phone to some of it and can just intro you, Ginger, Dixie, Katitza - whichever of you is on point for this - to Marcus and rest of crowd.

For now I will just forward email to irp list and you all think about it. If no other IRPer is so designated or available, then I can rep IRP also on that call.  Process is just getting started, so we are coming in at beginning with a now reserved place.  Amping up PR is something we can work on later.

Also, from SU I am orchestrating group of 10 student interns which will help with advance planning for event, and be staffers day of event.  Likely one of those would have it in their scope to be helping us; but how exactly interns are organized not entirely settled.

Finally, fyi in addition to IRP session, in interest of full disclosure, I will be organizing a 'WiGiT' session (wireless grid innovation testbed) which is backed by National Science Foundation Partnerships for Innovation Program; and whose Virtual Organization is developing open specifications to be discussed at TEDXHarlem; and which will involve universities and businesses and maybe some government agencies too. Anyone may join WiGiT; more info soon on this next phase by June at http://wglab.net.

Pretty orthoganal to IRP, but wanted you all to be aware of my research/commercial development support activities, also at TEDxHarlem.

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This is great, thanks Lee. Very exciting! Agree that we need to do something "punchy" (to use our favourite adjective!), and to work on publicity.

How do we take it from here?  Say yes we're interested, and then we find out more about what format it'll take, how long we have etc?


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Definitely publicizing this heavily should be part of our plan, and one Marcus would be counting on; and also helping with.

Katitza, please do jump in.

Only question in my mind is if we want to go with a 'fair and balanced' approach a la IGF or, since IRP is one invited, just talk up our own thing.  I suggest latter, with of course speakers being free to say whatever they want also about the other related efforts.

As - Katitza? Lisa? starts organizing this, my one cautionary note is we should assume 1 or 2 media/celebrity types join us - it is the Apollo and a T.E.D thing after all.

 But what I really mean is, while we wants lots of folks to participate whether live or remote, we shouldn;t overstuff the thing since some guest stars likely will show up and need a mic and platform too, to say nice things about - IRP hopefully.

Also, re remote/web, as of now we should assume we are doing our own thing, as I will also do for different part of agenda.  But there could also be some standard remote/webconference option for whole day, so if we can sync with that and avoid duplicative effort all to the good. We likely won't know specifics there for a bit; so for now I agree safest to assume we must - do our own thing.

And - certainly it fits with event, if some of those 'remote' participants speak up and do star turns themselves, whether from India or South America or wherever.

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I would like to see us do a campaign to publicize this if there will be an IRP presentation. Perhaps we could ask Katitza for help--she is great at that. I am willing to help with remote participation--offering it isn't enough--we have to motivate people to attend. This would be a good way to help 'mainstream' the ideas in IRP.

Let me know what you think.
Best, Ginger

Ms. Ginger (Virginia) Paque
IGCBP Coordinator

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On 4/29/2011 10:17 PM, Lee W McKnight wrote:


T.E.D.xHarlem is October 18, at the Apollo Theater.

We are invited to do an Internet Rights and Principles roundtable or something there, by Marcus Glover, TEDxHarlem founder and digital branding guy.

So hold that date for New York, or webconference.


PS: Of course, that's only if IRP folks think talking Internet Rights and Principles - Live at the Apollo - sounds good : )

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