[IRP] Punchy Principles launch plan - all invited to join in!

Brett Solomon brett
Thu Mar 31 01:55:39 EEST 2011

Hi there,

The Charter is being launched tomorrow in Stockholm, kicking off the second
day of the Expert Meeting on Human Rights and the Internet. There is a stack
of interest in them here.

[Dunja Mijatovic (Freedom of the Media Representative for the Organisation
for Security and Cooperation in Europe), together with Frank La Rue (UN
Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Opinion Expression) have agreed to launch
the Principles. They will do so up on stage and be joined by Arthit
Suriyawongkul (Thai Netizens Network), Sally Elkhodary (Arabic Networks for
Human Rights Information) and Lisa Horrner]

So, we should match the offline launch with some online activity. Here is
the link to the (basic) site where the Charter is (languages should go up
tonight: www.irpcharter.org)

This is the bit.ly so that you can tweet it: bit.ly/fglRas. Here is a tweet
if you don't want to write your own: *10 Rights and Principles to govern the
#Internet launched today #fxinternet. Check them out bit.ly/fglRas*

Please find attached the press release, which everyone should blast out to
their contacts in the media tomorrow AM. Attached also is the flyer in
English which can be sent together with the press release. Tweets, blogs and
press release in non-English all encouraged.

Hope we can make a little splash tomorrow (Thurs)!


Brett Solomon
Executive Director

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