[IRP] Launching the principles (was RE: Brainstorm...What do we call the punchy principles?)

Lisa Horner LisaH
Thu Mar 24 11:55:52 EET 2011

Thanks for offering to draft the op ed Robert, that'd be great! I think Shaila's idea of having one piece that we can all adapt and send to our own contacts is definitely a good idea. 

RE Lee's question about Swedish ministry...I need to talk to Johan directly to see what's feasible. However, this won't be something formally associated with them or the event in Stockholm at all.  However, if they like the principles and are happy for them to be distributed and mentioned there, and maybe for us to get some quotes to put in a press release, I think it's a good opportunity.  I personally won't have time to do a press event....

I like the idea of lots of different people in different places endorsing.... If everyone could reach out and find good people in their countries, that'd be great.

And Robert's idea of translating them is excellent....any volunteers?!


All the best,

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