[IRP] Brainstorm...What do we call the punchy principles?

Lisa Horner LisaH
Wed Mar 23 19:35:25 EET 2011

Hi all

Great - we've just sent off to the designer and printer.  Very exciting!  Thanks again for all of the hard work and expert input on this...I think we've got a really sharp set of principles which is fantastic.

I think it would be great to launch them with a splash as Lee suggests.  Just had a quick chat with Brett, and we think it might be a good idea to launch next Wednesday 30th March, to coincide with the Stockholm meeting on freedom of expression and the Internet being held by the Swedish ministry of foreign affairs with Frank La Rue.  It would be great to develop a plan around this.... I think we'll need to:

- Have the principles online
- Be ready to Tweet and promote via Facebook etc.
- All distribute through our networks
- Write and distribute a press release
- Write blog posts, and if possible op eds...anyone think it might be possible to get an op ed onto the Huffington post and/or elsewhere?
- Anything else? Ideas, thoughts?


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