[IRP] Brainstorm...What do we call the punchy principles?

shaila mistry shailam
Mon Mar 21 23:48:35 EET 2011

Hi everyone
 The name should certainly have Internet Rights and Principles...Keep it simple 
and easily identifiable. I think I like calling them the 10 keys. Has a nice 
ring to but perhaps I am alone in thinking this :). 

	* Internet Rights and Principles -10
	* 10 - Internet Rights and Principles
	* Internet Rights and Principles -10 keysshaila 
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Thanks Ginger and Robert.

I like it...but I'm still wondering if it captures what we're doing enough? They 
are principles *for* something (internet governance/people's internet/...), and 
we  believe they are *key*, rather than just a list of ideas.   Also, the 
document is really a list of principles rather than rights and principles (which 
is more the domain of the Charter rather than these punchy principles).  
Hmmmm..... Maybe the original "10 key principles for internet governance" is the 
way to go.  What do you think?

All the best,

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+1 on "10 Internet Rights and Principles" 

I like this because it is  succinct while effectively branding IRP. 

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Do we want to differentiate from 'other' principles? Identify with IRP?

10 Internet Rights and Principles

Ginger (Virginia) Paque
IGCBP Coordinator

On 3/21/2011 11:48 AM, Lisa Horner wrote:
Hi all

Whilst punchy principles works for us, it doesn't for the final doc!  So as a 
working title at the moment we have: "Ten principles to govern the Internet".  
Does that capture our aims enough, and is it catchy enough?  Please send any 
ideas you have through (bearing in mind our need to be punchy!)....


10 Principles for a People's Internet
10 Principles for a  People-oriented Internet
10 Principles for a rights-based Internet

Or maybe the original title is straightforward and simple as it is....?

Thoughts please!


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