[IRP] Following the HRC outcomes

Anriette Esterhuysen anriette
Fri Jun 17 16:39:53 EEST 2011

Thanks very much to those of you who endorsed the APC statement on Frank
la Rue's report to the Human Rights Council.  Huge thanks to those who
tried to participate remotely.

Biggest thanks of all to Dixie and Rebecca from Global-Partners who came
all the way from London to be there in person and to represent the IRP
dynamic coalition. We really valued your presence.

The event was a success (if not perfect, but then I never think anything
is perfect :).

Collaboration with the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Frank la
Rue, Open Society Institute and the many civil society organisations and
advocates who fed into Frank's report paid off.

At least 40 countries signed a good cross-regional statement on online FX.



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