[IRP] The Inside Story of How Facebook Responded toTunisian Hacks.

Michael Gurstein gurstein
Mon Jan 24 18:34:53 EET 2011

This has a lot of significance in a lot of different directions: global
Internet governance, rights and practices in an Internet environment,
Facebook as Internet environment, etc.etc.



The Inside Story of How Facebook Responded to Tunisian Hacks.

It was on Christmas Day that Facebook's Chief Security Officer Joe 
Sullivan first noticed strange things going on in Tunisia. Reports 
started to trickle in that political-protest pages were being hacked. 
"We were getting anecdotal reports saying, 'It looks like someone logged 
into my account and deleted it,'" Sullivan said.

For Tunisians, it was another run-in with Ammar, the nickname they've 
given to the authorities that censor the country's Internet. They'd come 
to expect it.


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