[IRP] comments on draft Charter commentary

Dixie Hawtin Dixie
Wed Aug 24 23:20:13 EEST 2011

Thanks Abbe! I think it's good too - Toby and Michael did a great job! I will forward on those points, and let them know they can get in touch with you.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on the Charter Commentary? A reminder that it can be accessed here:  http://internetrightsandprinciples.org/node/419, and if you do have comments please send them to the list before August 30 (Tuesday) so Toby has time to incorporate them before the IGF.

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I think the commentary is very good, well done those all those involved.
Some initial comments on this - I would be happy to develop more
depending on general reaction (a) substantively and (b) regarding the
appropriate amount of space and detail which is appropriate for this

1. articles 12 and 13 - query include some reference to ongoing  battles
at WIPO about exceptions to copyright which specifically address the

2. articles 19 and 20 - query include some more detail about attempts to
impose liabilities on ISPs  (in the widest sense), Cleanfeed and other
systems, removal of access in response to copyright claims/involvement
in riots (hot issue in UK right now!)

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