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Joy Liddicoat joy
Mon Aug 15 06:38:30 EEST 2011

Hi all - just following on the interesting discussion and multiple
perspectives about the links between issues such as those in East Kenya and
internet governance and the IGF.... a perfect place to discuss some of these
links and any related issues will be the pre-event on access to the internet
as a multi-faceted concept including discussion of equitable access, rights
and development. 

It would be great to see you there and to discuss how, if at all, to take
these issues into the IGF.

Kind regards


Joy Liddicoat

Project Coordinator

Internet Rights are Human Rights





Internet Rights are Human Rights: Development, Empowerment and Access to the

United Nations Office, Nairobi, Kenya

Monday September 26 2011

APC, the Dynamic Coalition on Internet Rights and Principles and IT for
Change invite you to a pre-event at the Internet Governance Forum in
Nairobi, Kenya.  This event will bring together multi-stakeholder
perspectives to consider how equitable access to the internet relates to
development and human rights. The event will consider questions such as:

.              How do human rights, internet access and development connect?

.              What are the main technical, commercial and policy obstacles
on the ground to achieving universal affordable access to internet
infrastructure (particularly to broadband internet access) in developing

.              What are the current obstacles to access to knowledge and
content online in developing countries?

.              What are the challenges and opportunities for policy makers
and the broader internet community?

.              What are the regulatory and policy options to address
obstacles to access to infrastructure and knowledge/content and what are the
roles of the policy makers and the broader Internet community?

.              What constitutes "equitable access"?


The event will bring together multi-stakeholder voices to discuss these
questions and participants will be encouraged to take these themes into
other IGF sessions. The event will include a closing joint plenary with
participants attending the parallel Giganet pre-event.


Date and time: Monday September 26 10am-6pm


Venue address: United Nations Office, Room 12


RSVP/Contact: henrik at apc.org


For updates check:  http://www.apc.org/en/node/12765 


This event is made possible by assistance from the Swedish International
Development Agency, Open Society Institute and the International Development
Resource Centre.

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