[IRP] Problem of abject poverty and hunger (was Re: Call notes...)

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Wed Aug 10 15:12:06 EEST 2011

On Wednesday 10 August 2011 05:23 PM, Tapani Tarvainen wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 12:34:42PM +0200, M.I.Franklin (cos02mf at gold.ac.uk) wrote:
>> Nor am I implying that IG issues and the deeper
>> causes of this crisis are synonymous. And nor am I suggesting that
>> te coalition should respond to every crisis that occurs around the
>> world; this delineation we made clear when deliberating over what to
>> do when the Tunisian and Egyptian events occurred. We have a clear
>> focus and agenda and limited resources.
> Yes. The present humanitarian crisis has very little to do
> with our agenda.
I doubt this very much. I do not have time right now to develop detailed 
arguments with regard to the specific issue/ crisis at hand, but for our 
organisation, the only concern we have with IG is in its intersection 
with structural issues of development - which centrally concern 
structural issues of various kinds of deprivations, including poverty, 
famines etc.

Answering Marianne's latest email, I really do not think that trying to 
do something is an irrelevant idea. Perhaps, few things  may be more 
relevant. I am very much for it. Only want us to also make an 
appropriate political statement both to those suffering the crisis and 
those assembled at the IGF, beyond making the required humanitarian gesture.


> That said, I would not find it inappropriate if someone were
> to organize a fundraising event of some kind for those who do
> go there, under the banner of IRP or otherwise.
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