[IRP] rights violations by the State in the USA gets even worse

Carlos A. Afonso ca
Mon Apr 25 14:22:08 EEST 2011

Now the US Dept of State plans to use *selectively* (at the discretion
of the counter officer) a passport application form which is impossible
to fill -- in practice denying that person (an American citizen) his/her
right to a passport:


You, an American citizen, looks like a developing country foreigner, or
maybe you are from a political party not of the officer's liking, or you
happen to be fan of a baseball team and he likes another, or he is
refused sexual favors or... who knows what sort of discriminations might
happen at the passport counter? Typical ones of any dictatorship
throughout the world? Or, typical of the countless visa refusals
throughout American consulates worldwide?


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